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Art, Books, Clothes, Furniture, Lighting, Dishes...and all other kinds of beautiful, extravagant and magically weird objects sourced with care, community and sustainability. We hope you find wonder, enjoyment and just what you desire at OHi...Decor

Our House is... 

A company committed to community and the people who make that community home.   Find the beautiful things you read, wear and decorate your home with in a store dedicated to the sustainability of our community and communities in general.  Everything we sell was either created by a community member or is being sold on behalf of people who want to pass along no-longer-wanted possessions to people who will value and enjoy them.


We recognize that all of us are part of one community, shoppers, artists, designers, schleppers, sellers, workers.... For that reason we do our best to ask a reasonable price for our products and pass along fair proceeds to those who are involved in bringing them to you. 

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